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Whether You  Owe Federal Tax or State Tax, Our Tax Professionals Make It Easy For People To Settle Their Tax Debt. Call US and See If A Tax Relief Program Can Reduce The Amount Of Taxes Owed. Find The Best Solution For Your Tax Liability Based On Your Unique Financial Situation.
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 An Example How We Solve Your Tax Debt:

This Client Owed $26,000 in Federal Tax Debt Over a Period of Time. They Didn't Know What to Do. They were about to GIVE UP and Make a Payment Agreement Until They Called Our Tax Relief Experts. Not Only Did We Settle Their Tax Debt, We Got Them A Refund. Call Now And Let Our Full Service Tax Resolution Firm Resolve Your Tax Problems.  If You Need Help Paying Taxes, Call Us ASAP

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actual letter from the IRS for one of our clients.

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Avoid Red Flags and Deal With A Team With A Proven Track Record. Our Better Business Bureau Accredited Tax Relief Team Can Resolve Tax Issues Better Than Most Tax Relief Firms. We Resolve Your Taxes By Removing Penalties and Interest, IRS Offer In Compromise Tax Debt Settlements. Whether You Qualify For A Lump Sum Offer or Streamlined IRS Payment Plan Agreement, My Tax Hero Will Fight For You and Get You The Best Settlement Allowed By Law

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What Is An Offer In Compromise?

Our Tax Relief Experts Will Work With You Every Step of The Way To Get You The Best Tax Resolution Allowed by Law

Our Tax Relief Experts Will Work With You Every Step of The Way To Get You The Best Tax Resolution Allowed by Law

An Offer In Compromise Is An IRS Program That Allows Taxpayers To Settle Their Tax Debt For Less Than The Original Amount of The Debt. This Program Was Put In Place By The Federal Government To Assist A Select Number of Families and Individuals.

In Order To Qualify For This Type Of Tax Relief, Certain Criteria Must Be Met. To See If You Qualify For An Offer In Compromise(OIC) Contact One of Our Representatives Today For A Complimentary Tax Debt Settlement Review