Don't Let Intent to Levy Notice Derail You.

The General Rule of Law states that the IRS must take certain actions before they levy your bank and garnish you wages. See what steps they must take before a levy or garnishment.


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What Is A Notice of Levy?

An IRS/State levy allows the lawful seizure of your assets and properties in order to satisy - in part, or in full- an outstanding tax bill.  This allows the Taxing Authority(State/IRS) to perform wage garnishments, empty your bank accounts, liquidate your car/truck(get money from forcing the sale of your car) and auction your home and personal items.

How do I remove a Levy?

The IRS will release the levy when the tax debt is fully paid.  The quickest and easiest way to have a levy released is to submit the outstanding tax bill in it's entirety.  If you cannot pay the entire bill in full, there are certain cases in which the levy can be lifted without paying in full. Click here to see if this applies to your case.



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