What is a Form 668 Y Federal Lien Notice?


If you have a form 668 LiEn Notice Form Filed against you...

...you are completely out of time and you cannot delay any further. 

The time has come to take action to secure and protect yourself, your property and your loved ones.

A federal lien is the government's legal right to ownership of your property when you have an outstanding tax debt that you cannot afford to pay. 

  Most taxpayers who call us to fix a lien usually have it filed on  a house or other assets. If they do not have any assets, the lien must be placed on their credit.

This makes it impossible to get a loan, buy or sell a house or prepare for the future. While this appears daunting to most people, a call to MY Tax Hero can eliminate the hassle in no time.

If you still have questions regarding form 668 Federal Tax Lien Notice, request to be contacted below, or call for immediate assistance.