Getting A Certified Letter

From The IRS

Read below for more info, or  call no w for immediate assitance

Read below for more info, or call now for immediate assitance


If you received a certified letter, it's time to ask for help

If you're asking yourself, "Why Did I get a certified letter from the IRS? ", the answer may be simple.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS for a tax debt you cannot pay(or refuse to pay), the IRS will send a certified letter in order to obtain proof that you received it. 

Once the IRS is notified that you received the letter, they will take note of the date the letter was received by you and apply this date to their collection activity.

Receiving a certified letter can also be a sign that you received a notice of intent to levy, which includes wage garnishment and bank levies.
This kind of collection activity can be avoided with a phone call.

My Tax Hero can render most IRS tax collections letters invalid- and establish a new plan of action. 

In many cases, simply engaging My Tax Hero in your defense is considered a sign of good faith by the IRS.  Additional lenience may be granted as a professional courtesy in certain cases. 

If you received a certified letter from the IRS, you must either pick it up immediately or call now to have one of our tax professionals deal with it on your behalf.